Residential Exterior Painting


Details About Residential Exterior Painting

If you are looking to repaint the outside of your home look no further. You have found the best paint company in California. The first day on the job we will completely clean and power wash your home. The second day we will start the prep work which includes scraping, priming bear wood, caulking all cracks, repairing splintered and cracked facia and trim boards, and taking all precautions not to get any over spray or paint on any surface that is not to be painted. After all prep is done, we begin painting with premium top of the line paint. Our paint job will last about 15 to 20 years.


Our exterior services are: Priming, power washing, caulking, porch painting and staining, Deck painting and staining, Gate painting, Fence painting, Shed painting, Siding painting (wood, aluminum, vinyl…) Brick painting, Wood painting, Stucco painting and more…